The Team

Ernesto Olivares
CEO - Art Director
Visual journalist who has worked as a infographics director in Spanish and Latin American newspapers. He combines his passion for design with his expertise in data visualization.
Ana Landi
Art Director
Journalist specialized in the creation of infographics; she’s a graphic designer and 3D expert. Loves domestic felines, rock music and design in all its forms.
Ignasi Alcalde
Project Manager
Master in Information Society. He’s a teacher at the Universitat Oberta of Catalunya (UOC) and he is also a teacher of the Master’s Degree in Visual Analytics & Big Data. In other words: he is an expert in data visualization.
Damaris Gonzalez
Key member of our infographists team. A visual designer and passionate about the new possibilities offered by 3D illustration.
Apolinar Ríos
Graphic designer specialized in infographics front end and illustration. He has work with international brands as XBox and Heineken. When he is not creating layers on photoshop, he plays the guitar.
Juan González Villa
Journalist turned digital marketing strategist, Juan is an expert in all the ‘nerdy’ SEO stuff, with over 4 years of studying Google’s workings and outranking the competition.
Luis de las Heras
Account Manager
With over 10 years of project and client management experience, Luis de las Heras is our Messi when it comes to have a detailed monitoring of our creative processes.