Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics are the trend in the design of visual information. But … How will the access to that information for the user be? In an interactive infographic, we combine the importance of the visual power and a detailed study of the dynamic relationship of the user with what he or she is seeing.
In the digital highway, competition is fierce. Therefore, if a user does not understand the content of a page, he or she will immediately close the tab and visit another page: it only takes a second to do so.
If you want your audience not to migrate to your competition’s website, count on us. We’ll know how to adapt your content to interactive infographic so the users will connect to your message, making it visually stunning, clear and attractive. This is what creating “visual stories” is all about: the information is like reading a story.




Once you know an infographic, you always want more. Luckily, its potential is limitless: let us introduce you to interactive infographics.
A interactive infographic design includes animation elements and links, which increases user interaction with, increasing their credibility.

The benefits of using interactive infographics are limitless: from generating a participatory link with users, helping them focus their attention in a didactic way, to increasing traffic to your site by adding different links.
Achieve an excellent user experience using the resource of interactive infographics: secure the attention of your audience in an educational, entertaining and simple way, providing clear, effective and convincing data. A recipe that never fails!
Allow the user to be part of your infographic: make it interactive.

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Client Testimonials

  • We greatly admire his creativity and the striking visuals he's produced for us

    We’ve been working with Ernest for a few years on producing infographics, and it has been an absolute pleasure throughout. Not only is he prompt and courteous in response to all our requests, but the quality of work produced is also excellent — we greatly admire his creativity and the striking visuals he’s produced for us at a very reasonable price.

    Shubhodeep Pal Vice President, Products and Operations at SimpliFlying

  • Successful Infographics which have been widely mentioned across the web

    I have hired Ernesto many times now where we have created many successful Infographics which have been widely mentioned across the web. If you have very good data, then Ernesto is the man to take your data into an infographic that will get you exposure across the web like it has done for me. Hire him, he’s the man!

    Nick Dunin Online Marketing in CKY Media - Perth, Australia