The Big Business And Lies Behind Coronavirus COVID-19

This beautiful infographic explains all the corruption around the world. You can see more here: http://www.healthcareadministration.com/covid19/ Don’t forget to visit…



Why do Startups fail ?

A success business is the goal for every businessman, but only one of 12 accomplish this, but why do the…


Client: visual.ly

Muscular injuries in infographics, a collaboration between GE and the NBA

Infographics: General Electric (GE) and National Basketball Association (NBA) joined forces and entrusted us to create an infographic for them.…


Client: General Electric

New Year resolutions: An infographic for help

Infographics: The goal of this fun infographic was to show most  people starting the new year, very excited and with…


Client: Ernesto Olivares Visual Information

Infographic for AppExchange Salesforce

Infographics: This infographic has given us a lot of satisfactions and it was a pride for us that Salesforce selected…


Client: SalesForce

Infographic design for Vodafone: Audi Migration

Infographics: The infographics show the milestone of the Hungary Vodafone team: they emigrate all the mobile services of the AUDI…


Client: Vodafone

Denying the origin of the minced beef

Infographics: In this infographic, we can see that minced beef is one of the most popular products in the United…


Client: beef.org

Visual Stories: Know the Polo world

Infographics: There’s no limit for infographics, name one and we will design it. In this occasion, the rules of Polo,…


Client: Arabian Golf TV

Infographics: The Guide for selecting a good dress suit

Infographics: Why exists suits that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars, and others that doesn’t even reach one hundred dollars?…


Client: Arden Reed

Infographics: Water treatment of residual waters of the Chira

Infographics: The Infographics that we designed for ACCIONA had the challengue of telling visually, how the plant of residual water …


Client: Acciona

Infographics: Oxfam, visual stories that generates impact

These Infographics were made to illustrate the ONG report Intermon Oxfam, “Europe for the majorities, not for the elites”. In…


Client: Oxfam Intermón

Infographics: How to operate in a visual store of GE?

The use of Infographics for a better treatment to the client. The quality of the attention to the client improves,…


Client: General Electric