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With Data visualization convert the information of your business in knowledge for your team.

A lot of times data that surrounds us, overflow us and don’t allow us to appreciate the value of information. Contrary to what is intended, their massive and immediate consume won’t generate more security or knowledge. Data Visualization will help you to show more visually and strategic the data, helping to rebuild the comprehension in the same ones and later facilitate the making of decisions in the Enterprise.

The creation of unique pieces of visual content as a indicator tool to transmit with precision the results of your analysis in different channels and help you accomplish all your goals.

Interactive Infographic: Anual interactive Report (pdf) of UNESPA

UNESPA, digital memory

Unespa digital Memory, in an interactive infographic. Some messages are not simple to transmit, specially when the information that contains…

Data visualization: NBA social media playoffs

NBA social media playoffs

NBA teams don’t only compete inside the court, they also do it outside. In this infographic we see the fight,…

Data visualization: Ranking of CO2 emissions

Ranking of CO2 emissions

Infographics about the emissions of carbon dioxide by motorized combustion, hybrid and electric. Also, the objectives of reduction of these…

Data visualization: Price of housing vs family incomes

Price of housing vs family incomes

Data visualization: Data visualization: Four important economic indicators that affect the acquisition of households from families, are used in this infographic…