Ernesto Olivares Visual Information worked a year with the prestigious Eugin Clinic, developing an interactive infographic to suggest the best treatment according to the woman profile or couple that wants to conceive, including visual and infographic material to explain in a clear way the treatments to submit.

The Eugin Clinic is one of the biggest centers of fertility in Europe. They helped over 15000 women to accomplish their dreams of being mothers. They know that every woman is unique and they try to give each one of them a specialized service, that is their aggregated value and the most important characteristic. 

Despite the marketing campaigns that took interested people to the websites of the clinic, a high percentage left, overwhelmed for not knowing which treatment is the best (more than thirty) and for the long and boring scientific explanations that each one had.

Interactive infographic: Web App - Tool of Prediagnostic for Eugin


Incorporate an online diagnostic in their main web page, using interactive infographic inside a visual environment and easy to understand, that would help interested women to get pregnant and know the indicated treatment.

The tool consists in an interactive form that will help recommend a type of treatment of a couple of questions. Also some texts were deleted by infographics so they could visually explain how the treatment would be done. Additionally and for complete the sales process it delivered a better distribution of appointments with specialist when having information prior the patient, and also saving costs to channel the marketing efforts in a concrete way.


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