CEEK VR INC. is an awarded enterprise in hardware and software of virtual reality, focused in creating exclusive experiences for the consumer distributing content through a platform of developed distribution based in the last technology cloud, which could be achieved only through a powerful Cloud Infrastructure.

The distribution platform required an important deployment of services and online streaming video to be consumed by users of virtual reality in real time.

Cloud Infrastructure: Ceek virtual reality


CEEK has an important and ambitious project in progress: Shake the world of virtual reality. Getting ready for the lunch that we expect to be a worldwide phenomenon, we work in the design and development of their web page with a Cloud Infrastructure that allows the wished impact. We installed a content administrator (CMS), a Payment Gateway and a File Storage. All of this implementing the last technology in cloud and for CEEK to be capable of giving a unique experience to users.

An enterprise of this level needed a multi discipline team and expert. A single person, despite having a big talent, he or she cannot accomplish the magnitude of required development. And we evince this when the software gets more complex. What CEEK needed was a cohesive team, with abilities that complements and are capable of giving technologic solutions. This without mentioning the save in costs.


This is the fortress of Ernesto Olivares Visual Information, our capacity to respond to projects to all kind and with different levels of scalability.

We guarantee the best experience in a project of development, a fast service and uninterrupted to their clients taking the advantage of the powerful technology with data centers to demand (Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Platform), CDNs (Cloudfare, CloudFront, Akami), Media Playback (Bitmovin, JWPlayer, Wistia).

Our team is capacitated in different areas, accomplishing a synergy to deliver a quality product to the most little detail, our global team allows us to understand all our clients according to their calendar.