About Our Infographic Design Company

Ernesto Olivares Visual Information  is the infographic design company specialized in transmitting messages in a clear, simple and attractive way. In the past few years, communication forms have changed and transformed as never before: now most of the information is visual.

We’ve started 15 years ago, designing and producing Infographics and visual solutions for newspapers and magazines in Spain, Europe and Latin America. Today, Ernesto Olivares Visual Information has a professional team that works in detail using the last Information Technologies to provide the best visual solutions to your message.

The clues of your story are extracted to communicate them in a visual manner, developing the Infographic according to the target and the mass media selected. We like to work with our customers from empathy, for the optimum understanding of our work objectives.

Our studio, Ernesto Olivares Visual Information, works developing major projects for clients in Spain, United States, UK, and other countries of Europe, Latinamerica and Asia.

infographic design - Ernesto Olivares

Ernesto Olivares Visual Information exports its services at highly competitive markets, such as San Francisco, New York, London & Barcelona

infographic design around the world - Ernesto Olivares

Our Missions & Goals

The clarity and quality of the message to be transmitted guarantees the desired response.

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