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Success Story: Acciona increased its visibility through quality infographic

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Success Story: Acciona increased its visibility through quality infographic

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Throughout 2016, in Ernesto Olivares Visual Information we have worked for ACCIONA, one of the most important renewable energy companies in Spain and around the world, aiming to achieve greater visibility in social networks of their projects in the field of renewable energy, infrastructure, sustainability, innovation, technology and culture.

The customer had created the blog ACCIONA Experiences (, but what better way to push the visibility and give it a “viral” factor to a blog, than with a series of quality infographics?

Since February 2016, we conducted 5 infographics in which we explained visually complex projects or processes, to accompany and give life to 5 items in the blog ACCIONA Experience.

Seven months later, the results speak for themselves: these posts have been shared a total of 474 times (according Buzzsumo), with an average of 95 shares per item.

Facebook, the social network with more traffic and number of users, and therefore the most important, has been the social network where more people  have shared our infographics, with a total of 364 shares.

The most popular topics among the public were:

– “Bringing the coast back to life” with 180 shared in social media; an infographic on the industrial water treatment at La Chira (Peru)

– “A New Hope“, with 164 shares; an infographic about the current status of brown bears in the Cantabrian mountain range, where we show that their habitat is recovering thanks to the creation of a new forest by Acciona.

As you can see, these are not the issues that usually suit in social networks, but any discipline,no matter how complex or inaccessible it can capture the public’s interest when is explained visually.

If you want to guide you on how to get similar results with your company blog, or want to know how we work when developing a comprehensive plan of visual marketing, please contact us or download our free ebook on Visual Marketing.

(You can see our full portfolio of infographics, business presentations, videos and interactive infographics).

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