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Why professional design work shouldn’t have a $20 price tag?

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Why professional design work shouldn’t have a $20 price tag?

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I’m sure you’ll agree that, in almost any sphere of life, good looks matter.

If you think the internet provides an exception to this rule, you’re in the risk of making an expensive mistake for your digital presence or online business.

As you may have read or heard by now, the web today is mainly a visual medium. It’s a world where good quality visual content gets almost all the attention and the engagement.

Causing a positive first impression is a must for any online business. A polished design is key not only for luring users to your site – it’s also one of the best ways of ensuring that users will stay and engage with your content or your app.

As you know, online conversions take time. You need to build a rapport with the customer before they can decide they trust you enough to give you their money. You need to break all the mind barriers or little objections that could make someone turn their backs and leave before completing a transaction.

During this time, any perceived weakness on the design front could tip the balance against you. On the contrary, if you make a point of offering a consistent level of quality on content, design and user experience, you’ll break barriers one by one until you get to your goal: securing the sale.

According to studies, design is one of the critical factors users consider before they decide whether they trust a website or not. One of these studies found that updating your web design could lead to a 33% conversion rate increase.

So if design is going to play a vital role in the succcess or failure of your digital presence, would you leave it on the hands of a free tool, or a series of standards templates, with no personality or charm whatsoever, that you purchased for a few bucks?

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Just think of this: would you show up at a job interview with a promo t-shirt they just gave away at a local restaurant? Is that the message you’d like your looks to convey?

Have you ever heard the expression “content shock”? It describes the current status of the content marketing industry, in which more content that can be consumed by the users is created and published every single day.

So, if there is more content that the audience can pay attention to, what are the main factors that can help a piece of content be picked up and noticed by a large crowd? Much has been discussed about quality, epic or in-depth content.

The internet is full of ‘failed’ content. Blog posts that didn’t make the cut when it comes to usefullness, originality or relevance. As you know, most middle and small sized companies have limited themselves to publishing a company blog. How can you stand out?

It’s the moment for playing a whole different ball game. It’s the moment to develop a visual strategy that grants you visibility on the fastest growing social sites and apps, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, Facebook Live… But do you think you can really gain a huge following with subpar, free visual content or templates?

For decades, the advertising industry used to rely on flawless artwork for anything they tried to sell. They wouldn’t even dare to show a mockup to a client that wasn’t an attractive, polished piece of artwork.

Can you imagine the ad execs in Mad Men showing a presentation to a client with artwork that had been sketched by the first intern that had walked through the door. Nope, it just wouldn’t happen.

We live in a very different era to the golden years of the Madison Avenue agencies, but the same principles still apply to a great extent. You can stand out from other providers on your same niche or market, by portraying a more professional look, feel and design.

You don’t have to work with your agency (although we would be really disappointed that you didn’t take a look at our infographics portfolio) but, as far as your graphic design is concerned, don’t settle for free tools or be tempted by a $20 price tag.

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