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Interactive Infographics: A Virtual Teletransportation

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Interactive Infographics: A Virtual Teletransportation

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Nowadays we need things as soon as possible, the world is chaotic and time is too valuable to waste on searching. Especially if we are looking for information. Sometimes hours go by and you still have not found anything. You get nervous and it’s reasonable. It’s difficult to search in long reports just two data that you need. One of the best ways to solve this problem is using interactive infographics.

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In the interactive graphics, the information is ordered in simple layers, structured steps and represented in different symbolic codes (text, fixed and moving images), making it easier to find what we are seeking. To find the information in the interactive graphics you only need to make a “click” in the title you want and it will lead you to data behind it. It is a way of guiding people to not get lost in the sea of data, to guide the reader to go step by step and find the information easily.

There are different types of infographics depending on their interactive level: Some are static (images and texts are fixed), animated (moving images and texts) and interactive graphics, where the user has to act to receive the information which is interested in. It is necessary to choose the appropriate model depending on what we want to put across.

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It’s very difficult for our receivers lose interest in the interactive graphics. They are active users of the information, open the data tabs that they want. They are the ones who choose the way they want to follow depending on the information they need to find.

Interactive infographics are a good tool to show a lot of information and also allows the reader to participate in it. You do not need a big space: you can show multiple layers of information in a small design.

If your interactive infographic is based on static images and want to show it to the public, SlideShare is the best platform to distribute your content. But if you want to share information with dynamic graphics as simple as possible is preferable that use SVG. This is a format that allows you to draw and manipulate complex shapes and make them interactive through an association of code that is triggered when someone “clicks ” or drag the picture.

With interactive graphics, teletransportation has arrived. It’s not physical, as we would like when we travel. It is a virtual teletransportation in which you can move through information and arrive at the destination you wanted when you started the trip. We hate to get lost and we need clear signals. That is the base of a good interactive infographic: clear signals, ordered information and speed in the interaction. We can’t lose the time now.

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