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Turn the Google Analytics data of your website into Infographics

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Turn the Google Analytics data of your website into Infographics

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Loading..., are making some interesting stuff. Previously, they created Create a tool that allows you to choose an infographic style from several different patterns and thereafter, introduce the data you would like to represent, so as to share it afterward in your social network accounts. Nice and easy!  



Now they’ve released a very useful tool for social media professionals. Recently, they’ve directed their attention to Google Analytics. And over 10 million people depend on this free tool every day to upgrade and update their websites.  It works great, nevertheless with experience in design and interpretation of data, a tool that allows to display Google Analytics results using infographics have been developed. Google Analytics Reports sends analytic reports of the most important events on your website weekly and automatically, highlighting the most important data using infographics.


These Infographics show the history of the most important metrics, such as the number of  pages seen, social engagement, SEO, and a more visual bounce rate , highlighting the areas where the website administrator have to focus on to improve the website. Google Analytics Report has no intentions to replace the already available Google report, but it sure would help save a lot of time and (if the number increases) put a smile on the face of the web administrators and SEO.



It’s obvious that more companies are resorting to tools like these, so as to make their data and inside information understandable. If you would like to display an investigation work, explain a business procedure with pictures, or produce an interactive diagram, Try Ernesto Olivares Visual Information it’s your best shot.

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