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Interaction with Data Visualization

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Interaction with Data Visualization

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Interaction is an essential component of data visualization. It blocks up the gap in the community for literary or artistic work of visualization. The data interpretation significantly depends on the interaction in data visualization. You can provide your opinion about visual trends, sound methods and best practices on modern approaches of data visualization.



Sometimes, without prior experience, you may be required to programme in data visualization, and manage a wide range of applications necessary for handling mass information. Here, careful study of an authentic data visualization blog, or going through a crash course or a lecture in methodical approach to data visualization would be highly beneficial. Moreover you also need to be aware of the different ways of connecting and parsing information from several websites.


When you study data visualization blogs, you will notice that interaction in data visualization also takes place through vigorous, innovative and experimental programs with electronic  user-centered designs, that aims to investigate long-run problems such as the design of new services, physical interfaces and a possible sequence of future events.


Though data visualization generally illustrates relationships between quantitative values, it can also explain non- quantitative relationships such as, interactions between people on a social networking site. Here, people are represented as circles, and their relationships as lines connecting them as the links.


Visualizations featuring bonding between entities like people can be enhanced with the addition of quantitative information as well. For example, the number of frequency of two person’s interaction could be illustrated by the thickness of the line that made the connection.


Touch-screen is another extremely powerful medium of data interaction that needs data mining to enable visualization. This medium without a mouse allows the user to physically interact with the data through a cell phone in the realistic world.


You will also find other web concepts concerning interaction in data visualizations. Highlighting the details on demand is one of the common interactions methods in data visualizations. It helps the user remain focused on some specific part of visualization. The colorful, curved web feature lines with browser lines are given importance on mouse to see the characteristic adopted by different browsers. Rich popup windows, containing detailed information for interaction awaits the user’s single click that gives the user a great opportunity of self-exploration by posting in social media.


Interactive data visualizations are a thrilling way to drag and inform mass audiences. The greatest advantage of interaction in data visualization that you will find is the user’s freedom to change the content and the main part which are displayed in different structure, allowing him to change similar set of data.


Users now expect to completely interact with data, not just visualize it. Static reports simply don’t cut it anymore. This means that the visualization tool must understand the context of the data and be able to dynamically adapt the navigation, the look and feel and even the core functionality as the users manipulate and immerse themselves in the information.


Effective interaction in data visualization can help in removing unwanted parts of information on which you can do data mining.

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