Ernesto Olivares Visual Information, as a guarantee of its professionalism and values quality, is compromised to execute its profession following the next principles:


An Infography is, by definition, a visual sample of facts and data. Therefore, there is not infography produced without reliable information.


No Infography should include elements that are not based upon facts and/or proves.


No Infography is presented as facts when is a case of fiction or it is based on no verified assumptions.


No Infography should be published if there is not any accreditation of the data sources.


As visual information professionals we reserve the right to reject the production of any visual presentation, which includes imaginaries components just designed to increase the “attractive” or “spectacular” power.


The employed data in the creation of any Infography will be exact and verified.


Information should be covered with honesty, correctness and transparency.


All our productions will bide to follow this Code of Values, echoing the ethic manifest driven by Juan Antonio Giner and Alberto Cairo, where higher standards are clamoured in the infographic production.